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Violation of Implied Consent


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Violation of Implied Consent

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A person who is charged with a DUI offense may also be charged with a violation of Implied Consent if they refuse to submit to some form of testing that is meant to measure their intoxication level. Tests administered to measure blood alcohol content (BAC) include blood, breath, and urine tests, and it is the officer who determines which test the subject will take.

If you have been charged with DUI and an Implied Consent violation, contact a Murfreesboro DUI lawyer who may be able to help you avoid punishment and retain your driving privileges.

Consequences of Refusing Testing

The Implied Consent Statute in the state of Tennessee declares that any person who drives a motor vehicle in the state has consented to a chemical test that will determine their intoxication level.

Refusal of such a test may result in the following:

  • Revocation of their driver’s license
  • Possible jail time

Such tests may be deemed necessary if a law enforcement officer has probable cause to believe that a person is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. An individual can refuse to take one of these tests, but to do so usually results in the above penalties.

Why Hire Parkerson Santel, PLLC for Your Implied Consent Case?

Parkerson Santel, PLLC provides close, one-on-one representation to individuals who have been charged with offenses relating to DUI. Having formerly served as prosecutors, including an Assistant District Attorney General in Rutherford County, the firm’s lead attorneys know that DUI cases are traditionally complex and that a lawyer must work closely with their client if that client is to have a strong chance of a favorable outcome in their case. The lawyers at Parkerson Santel, PLLC are available to aggressively defend you if you have been charged with violation of Implied Consent laws and will see that your rights are fully protected throughout your legal proceedings.

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