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Underage DUI


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Minors are subject to especially strict limits for driving under the influence in our state. While the maximum blood alcohol content (BAC) for normal DUI cases is 0.08%, an individual under the age of 21 will be arrested for anything over 0.02%, meaning that depending on the physical characteristics of the driver, one drink will result in a charge of drunk driving.

The minimum age for being arrested for Underage Driving While Impaired in Tennessee is 16 years old, and the charge will also be applied in cases of DUI & drugs, meaning that if your child was behind the wheel while under the influence of certain prescription drugs, they could be subject to the same penalties as for a DUI, whether or not they had any alcohol.

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Penalties for Underage DUI Charges

In a guilty verdict for Underage Driving While Impaired, the court will impose a 1-year suspension of the driver’s license, as well as a fine of $250. At the judge’s discretion, there may be a requirement to perform public service work. Drivers aged between 16 and 18 will be charged with a delinquent act, while drivers older than 18 will have a Class A misdemeanor on their criminal record. If you work with a knowledgeable attorney, you may be able to have the charges dropped on the basis of an illegal stop or incorrectly performed field sobriety tests, but every case must be approached individually to find the most effective solution.

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In an effort to wipe out repeat offenses, the courts in our community are eager to punish underage drivers who violate the laws against drunk driving. Each lawyer at Parkerson Santel, PLLC has worked as a prosecutor in numerous cases of this kind and knows how to aggressively defend a client in your position. When you come to Parkerson Santel, PLLC, you will not be meeting with an assistant or a paralegal, because the firm’s attorneys choose to provide personal service to clients. Come in today for a confidential consultation.


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