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SCRAM Tracking Device


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DUI & SCRAM Tracking Devices

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SCRAM, or Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor, is a type of alcohol monitoring device that is worn around a person’s ankle. Its purpose is to measure the amount of alcohol present in a person’s system by analyzing their perspiration at one-hour intervals. The SCRAM device is considered to be very reliable, and is reasoned to be more effective at deterring multiple DUI offenses than other forms of punishment. In many DUI cases, a judge will require that an arrestee wear the SCRAM device until their case is resolved, or mandate that a person wear the device as part of their probation after a DUI conviction.

Though effective, it is important to know that the technology used in SCRAM devices is not infallible and can be subject to errors just like any other electronic technology. As such, it should not be relied on as the primary evidence that is used to punish someone who has been already been convicted of DUI or is facing trial for a DUI offense. If you are facing harsh penalties as a result of wearing a SCRAM device, our top-rated Murfreesboro DUI attorneys at Parkerson Santel, PLLC can provide you with legal defense you need to protect your rights and future.

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What Happens if a SCRAM Bracelet Detects a Violation?

If a SCRAM bracelet senses even a minute amount of alcohol in its wearer’s sweat, the device will report the measurement to a regional monitoring center, who will then contact the appropriate authorities. Alcohol use by someone who has been ordered to avoid drinking can be considered to be a parole or probation violation and result in jail time, the implementation of a defendant’s original sentence, expensive fines, and more. Unauthorized removal or tampering with a SCRAM device can bring similar consequences.

Possible strategies to defend against a SCRAM violation include:

  • The device was defective
  • The device produced a false reading
  • The alleged drinking episode cannot be confirmed

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