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Blood & Breath Tests


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Blood & Breath Tests for DUI

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A person who has been stopped by law enforcement after being suspected of driving under the influence can be tested for intoxication in a number of ways. The two most reliable methods are a breath test (or “breathalyzer” test) and a blood test. The breath test is administered to the individual by having them breathe into a device which measures blood alcohol content (BAC) through the breath. The blood test is administered by directly taking a sample of the individual’s blood and sending it to two laboratories (a police laboratory and an independent laboratory) to ascertain its alcohol content.

With more than 15 years of experience, our DUI lawyer in Murfreesboro can help you fight your charges. We are passionate about upholding the rights of each of our clients and may be able to challenge the evidence against you! Speak with our criminal defense firm to learn more about our approach and whether we are the right fit for you.

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Defense Against Blood & Breath Test Results

These tests, while at times reliable, are prone to errors. There are a number of defenses that can be employed to question the test results’ validity, especially in the case of breathalyzer tests. These defenses include:

  • The device being operated improperly
  • The device being insufficiently maintained
  • The device being improperly calibrated
  • The defendant’s body being greater than 98.6 degrees
  • The defendant having medical or dental issues which make them an improper testing candidate
  • Residual alcohol in the mouth falsely increasing results

Blood test results can also be defended against, as they are often administrated improperly or handled carelessly in the lab. A DUI attorney is available to defend you against your DUI charges if they have come about due to breath or blood test results.

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Parkerson Santel, PLLC believes that those charged with DUI offenses deserve to have their rights fully upheld throughout their legal proceedings. Defendant’s rights are especially relevant in breath & blood test cases, as incorrect results can lead to a person facing harsh and unjust punishment, such as time spent in jail. If you were made to take a breath or blood test and were arrested for DUI, Parkerson Santel, PLLC can exhaustively investigate your test results in order to determine if your rights were violated and you deserve to have your charges dismissed.

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